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Dissolution of Parliament

The dissolution of Parliament took place on Thursday 30 May 2024. All business in the House of Commons and House of Lords has come to an end. There are currently no MPs and every seat in the Commons is vacant until after the general election on 4 July 2024.

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Migrationwatch's Lord Green to give evidence to Economic Affairs Committee on economics of housing market

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will next week take evidence from Lord Green Chairman of Migration Watch and leading academics as part of its inquiry into the Economics of the UK housing market.

At 3:35pm on Tuesday 19 January in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords the Committee will take evidence from:

  • Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman, Migration Watch UK
  • Professor Robert Rowthorn, University of Cambridge
  • Professor John Muellbauer, University of Oxford
  • Professor Tony Champion, Newcastle University

Issues the session will cover include:

  • The extent to which increasing longevity, as opposed to immigration, is the biggest factor driving population growth in the UK.
  • The impact of net migration on current and future housing demand.
  • How does the length of time migrants stay in the UK effect the housing market and the demand for rental property?
  • How will the predicted increase in households with someone over the age of 85 affect the UK housing market?
  • Whether a land value tax would be a better way of taxing property rather than council tax?

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