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Lords Brexit week starts 12 December 

The House of Lords EU Committee – Parliament's largest body responsible for scrutinising the European Union – will publish six reports on Brexit in six days, starting on 12 December. The reports will identify key issues across a broad range of policy areas, making recommendations to the Government on what it should prioritise in Brexit negotiations.

The EU Committee is conducting a coordinated series of short inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the forthcoming negotiations on Brexit. These six reports will be followed in the New Year by further reports, ahead of the Government's proposed deadline of March for triggering Article 50. Taken as a whole, this programme of work will be the most extensive and thorough parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit.

Commenting ahead of the start of the publication of this series of reports, Lord Boswell, Chairman of the House of Lords EU Select Committee, said:

"Brexit is happening and we know it will have an impact right across our economy and public services, as well as a real and direct effect on UK and EU citizens. It is now six months since the vote to leave the EU, but we are still none the wiser about what Brexit actually means - the Government still hasn't told us what kind of Brexit it wants, or about how it will achieve it. It's now high time for Parliament to start taking the debate forward.

"Our work will provide a comprehensive analysis of the key issues raised by Brexit. We'll spell out risks and opportunities, and identify some of the key areas where choices and trade-offs will have to be made. As a society we need an informed public debate on what will probably be the most important peacetime negotiations in our history."

The publication schedule for the reports is:




Brexit: UK-Irish relationsEU Select Committee00:01 Monday 12 December
Brexit: options for tradeEU Internal Market and External Affairs Sub-
00:01 Tuesday 13 December
Brexit: acquired rightsEU Justice Sub-Committee00:01 Wednesday 14 December
Brexit: financial servicesEU Financial Affairs Sub- Committee

00:01 Thursday 15 December

Brexit: future EU-UK security and police co-operationEU Home Affairs Sub- Committee00:01 Friday 16 December
Brexit: fisheriesEU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee00:01 Saturday 17 December

All reports will be available to the media on request prior to publication. To request an embargoed copy of any of the reports please email stating in the email which report or reports you are interested in.

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