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What's the view from Europe on the Government's EU reform bid?

A Lords investigation into the Government's vision for EU reform is to hear from European embassies in the UK.

The House of Lords EU Committee is holding an inquiry into the Prime Minister's long-term vision for the EU, assessing to what extent other players in Europe share his goals.

Ambassadors from Denmark, Ireland and Poland will be asked on Tuesday 27 October whether there is a shared vision for reform, what significance the concept of ‘ever closer union among the peoples of Europe' is in their countries, and what impact a potential UK exit from the EU would have on them.

Witnesses giving evidence will be Claus Grube, Ambassador of Denmark, Dan Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland and Witold Sobków, Ambassador of Poland.

Specific questions that will be asked include:

  • Do you feel you have a clear understanding of what reforms the UK Government is seeking to achieve, ahead of the referendum?
  • To what extent is the UK Government's vision shared by your governments and other stakeholders in your countries? 
  • What is your view on the UK Government's efforts to secure protections for non-Eurozone Member States, in the light of greater Eurozone integration?
  • Is it possible to reform welfare to reduce the incentives for people from other Member States to come to the UK, without impinging upon the free movement of workers?
  • How would you like to see democratic accountability enhanced in the EU?

The evidence session on Tuesday 27 October will take place in Committee Room 4 of the House of Lords at 3.45pm.

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