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How can we help survivors of sexual violence? How can perpetrators be held accountable? Oxfam Novib and former New York Supreme Court judge to give evidence

The House of Lords Committee on Sexual Violence in Conflict will next week take evidence on the support offered to victims of sexual violence in conflict and the barriers that prevent perpetrators from being brought to justice.

The Committee will take evidence in two sessions from 3:45pm on Tuesday 17 November in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords. The witness details are:


  • Dr Chris Dolan, Director, Refugee Law, Uganda
  • Professor Doris Schopper, Director, Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (via videolink)
  • Ms JosephineWambui, Programme Officer, Somalia, Oxfam Novib


  • Ms Niamh Hayes, Head of Office, Institute for International Criminal Investigations.
  • Judge Mary McGowan Davis, former acting Justice of the Supreme Court of New York

In the first session the Committee will focus on the needs of survivors including the different needs of female, male and child survivors; whether the witnesses agree with UN Special Representative Bangura's view that supporting the livelihoods of victims of sexual violence is the ‘missing link' in supporting victims; and whether the UK Government's Prevention of Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) has been effective in supporting survivors.

In the second session questions will address whether the International Criminal Court is effective in holding to account perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict; the barriers survivors face in accessing justice; and what role non-judicial mechanisms, such as truth and reconciliation commissions, have in providing accountability for acts of sexual violence in conflict.

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