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How does price volatility affect different types of farmers?

The House of Lords EU Committee continues its inquiry into agricultural price volatility and agricultural resilience this week with evidence from organisations representing farmers from right across the sector.

The Committee will hear first from the National Farmers' Union and Country Land and Business Association on the challenge of price volatility for the whole farming industry before focusing on the particular challenges faced by young and tenant farmers.

The evidence sessions will start at 11:00 on Wednesday 16 December in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords. The full witness details are:


  • Philip Bicknell, Head of Food and Farming, National Farmers' Union
  • Paul Wilson, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Nottingham
  • Ross Murray, President, Country Land and Business Association (CLA)


  • Lynsey Martin, AGRI Steering Group Chairman, National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
  • George Dunn, Chief Executive, Tenant Farmers Association

In the first session questions will focus on whether farmers now face more price volatility for their produce than in the past, regional differences in price volatility across the UK and how public policy and the Common Agricultural Policy has impact on price volatility and resilience

In the second session the Committee will focus in on the effect of price volatility on young and tenant farmers, the impact of rising agricultural land values on young farmers and whether more needs to be done to increase young and tenant farmers' to access funding for investment in their businesses.

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