Lords Committee to discuss with Ambassadors from Brazil, Japan, Germany and Norway how their countries approach soft power

18 October 2013

The Committee, made The House of Lords Committee on Soft Power and the UK’s Influence will next week hear from diplomats from Brazil, Germany, Japan and Norway as they seek to understand how other countries approach soft power, and what the UK can learn from their experiences.

Giving evidence to the Committee on Monday 21 October from 4.15pm in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords will be:

  • His Excellency Mr Roberto Jaguaribe, Ambassador of Brazil
  • His Excellency Mr Keiichi Hayashi, Ambassador of Japan
  • His Excellency Mr Kim Traavik, Ambassador of Norway
  • Dr Rudolf Adam, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim (acting Ambassador), German Embassy.

The witnesses will be asked about how they and their governments seek to develop their countries’ soft power, the institutions that their nations have established to promote their soft power (such as cultural institutes) and how those institutions are funded, how value for money in soft power is measured, and what the UK might take from international examples of soft power promotion.