Joint Committee on Prisoner Voting to hear evidence from Chief Inspector of Prisons and NACRO

14 October 2013

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill will this week take evidence from Nick Hardwick, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons, as well as Eoin McLennan Murray, President of the Prison Governors Association; Paul McDowell, Chief Executive of Nacro and Digby Griffith, Director of National Operational Services at the National Offender Management Service.

The Committee will hear the evidence in two sessions from 9:30am on Wednesday 16 October in Committee Room 6 of the House of Commons. Nick Hardwick will give evidence first with the other witnesses appearing at 10:15am.

The sessions will cover a range of issues including how the prison system deals with prisoners who currently have the right to vote, including those on remand; what administrative difficulties large scale prisoner voting might present and whether prisoner voting could be linked to eligibility for parole or be useful in rehabilitation.