Inquiry into economics of shale gas and oil to hear from DECC and British Geological Survey

11 October 2013

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will next week evidence from the Department of Energy and Climate change and the British Geological Survey and it continues its inquiry into the economic impact on UK energy policy of shale gas and oil.

The Committee will hear from Ms Toni Harvey, Senior Geoscientist, Department of Energy and Climate and Professor Mike Stephenson, Director of Science and Technology, British Geological Survey.

The evidence session will start at 3:35pm on Tuesday 15 October in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords.

The Committee will ask the witnesses about the scale of the UK’s shale gas resource identified so far, what the next steps are,  what the roles of DECC and the BGS have been in quantifying shale gas resources, how much shale oil and gas might  contribute to the UK economy and what risks shale  development might pose to UK water supplies.

The witnesses will also be pressed on when commercial prospecting is likely to begin in the UK and if is being delayed by government inaction.