Lords to hear from accountancy firms and fair tax campaigners on corporate taxation

16 May 2013

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will next week take evidence from representatives of accountancy firms as well as charities and NGOs who campaign on issues around corporation tax.

The Committee in undertaking an inquiry into corporate taxation following high profile cases where companies have been criticised for the amount of tax paid in the UK leading to a perception that for large international companies corporation tax has become a voluntarily arrangement.

The first evidence sessions will start at 3:35pm on Tuesday 21 May in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords. Giving evidence first will be:

  • Bill Dodwell, Head of Tax Policy Group, Deloitte;
  • Adam Broke, Tax Specialist,  Mercer & Hole;
  • Chris Sanger, Global Head of Tax Policy, Ernst & Young; and
  • Richard Collier, Tax Partner, PWC.

This will be followed at 4:15pm with evidence from:

  • Richard Murphy,  Director, Tax Research LLP;
  • Mike Lewis, Tax Justice Policy Advisor at Action Aid;
  • Alex Prats, Principal Economic Justice Advisor to Christian Aid; and
  • Author and journalist, Richard Brooks, who has written extensively on tax issues.

The sessions will be webcast at www.parliamentlive.tv and are also open to the public. Journalists wishing to attend should go to Parliament’s Cromwell Green Entrance and should allow time for security screening.

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