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Lords to hear from Europe Minister David Lidington on EU Court of Auditors criticism of EU's Kosovo mission

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on External Affairs will tomorrow take evidence from Europe Minister David Lidington MP and Nishi Dhokalia, Deputy Head of Europe Directorate - External, Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the recent report of the European Court of Auditors which was strongly critical of the European Union Rule of Law Mission to Kosovo (EULEX).

The session is the second the Committee have held on this issue after taking evidence last week from Gijs M. De Vries and Francisco de Miguel of the European Court of Auditors. An audio recording of that evidence can be found online here.

The evidence session with Mr Lidington and Mr Dhokalia will take place at 10:05am on Thursday 25 April in Committee Room 2A of the House of Lords.

Questions the Committee will raise with the witnesses include:

  • What is the government's assessment of EULEX Kosovo so far? Is it delivering results?
  • What steps does the EU intend to take to ensure the European Court of Auditors recommendations are implemented?
  • How effective is the EU in using its full foreign policy toolbox coherently to promote reform in Kosovo?
  • What steps are being taken to overcome the stalemate caused by five EU Member States not recognising Kosovo's independence?
  • The Court of Auditors pointed to insufficient political will in Kosovo's political elites to promote reform. What steps can the EU take to engage with civil society and a younger generation of Kosovans to support a reform agenda.
  • Will the Government be supporting the extension of EULEX Kosovo's mandate after 2014?

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