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Export experts examined by Lords

On Thursday 18 October, the Lords Committee on Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Exports will question a number of witnesses representing business associations about the challenges SMEs face in exporting their products, particularly focusing on international comparisons. 

In the first of two sessions, at 10.40am, the Committee will hear from:

  • Lesley Batchelor, Director-General of the Institute of Export;
  • Jon Coleman, Chairman of the British Exporters Association; and
  • Alexander Ehmann, Head of Government and Parliamentary Affairs, Institute of Directors.

They will be followed, at 11.45am, by:

  • Clive Davenport, Trade & Industry spokesman of the Federation of Small Businesses; and
  • Mike Spicer, Senior Policy Adviser at the British Chambers of Commerce.

The witnesses are likely to face questions on issues including:

  • the contributions SMEs currently make to the export market;
  • the key barriers and market failures that stop SMEs from beginning or increasing their export efforts;
  • the co-ordination of actions and awareness of the issues across government and other bodies; and
  • the effectiveness of the government's current policy mechanisms in supporting SMEs to export at UK and EU level, and when they act more as a barrier.

The evidence sessions will take place from 10:40am on Thursday 18 October in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.

The evidence session is also open to the public. Journalists wishing to attend should go to Parliament's Cromwell Green Entrance and should allow time for security screening.