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French Ecology Ministry appears before Lords Committee

Mr Emmanuel Morice from the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, will appear before the Lords Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment EU Sub-Committee on Thursday 15 March, in the final evidence session of their inquiry into the EU's freshwater policy.

Mr Morice, who will give evidence via video-link, has responsibility within the Ministry for water scarcity and drought issues.  He will be questioned by the Committee on issues such as:

  • how responsibilities for water resource management are devolved in France;
  • what challenges France has experienced in implementing the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and whether they consider that the WFD has set the right objectives;
  • the problems that France has experienced with water shortages and the implications for the implementation of the WFD; and
  • whether they think that the co-ordination between EU policies is good enough and what, if any, changes would they make to the policies to integrate water management issues more effectively.

The evidence session will take place on Thursday 15 March at 11.15am in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords.

The evidence session is open to media and the public. Please allow time for security screening.

The evidence session will also be broadcast live on Parliament TV.