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Lords to quiz Foreign Office and EU representative on Somali piracy

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on External Affairs will tomorrow question Alexander Rondos, EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa and Foreign Office officials as part of their inquiry into Somali piracy and the EU's Operation Atalanta, which was set up to combat it.

The Committee will ask Mr Rondos for his assessment of the current situation in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa and how effective Operation Atalanta has been in reducing piracy in the region. They will also ask what more can be done to build on those efforts and whether the focus should be on capturing and prosecuting pirates or wider efforts to tackle the economic problems which the Committee identified as a major cause of piracy in their previous report on the subject.

Giving evidence for the Foreign Office will be Nick Pickard, Head of Security Policy and Nick Kay, Africa Director. They will be asked for the government's take on the situation and whether the London Conference on Somalia in February has proved successful in uniting international efforts to tackle piracy. They will also be asked about the government's decision to allow armed guards on ships. 
The evidence sessions will start at 9.30am on Thursday 21 June in Committee Room 2A of the House of Lords.