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Lords Committee to quiz Civil Service Head Sir Bob Kerslake on how Government will respond to the ageing population

The House of Lords Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change will tomorrow take evidence from Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government, as its inquiry continues into how the state and society can respond to the challenges raised by an ageing society.  

The Committee will hear from Sir Bob at 11:10am on Tuesday 18 December in Committee Room 2A of the House of Lords.

The Committee will ask him about what the civil service plans to do to help develop affordable policies that will make sure older people's needs aren't overlooked. The Committee will also discuss how Sir Bob intends to ensure departments work together to deliver co-ordinated and effective services for older people.

The Committee will first, at 9:30am, meet with high-profile experts working on health and social care policies, as well as the chief care regulator, to discuss what can be done to make sure older people get an acceptable standard of care.

Committee members will quiz Professor Chris Ham, Chief Executive of the King's Fund; Dr Jennifer Dixon, Director of the Nuffield Trust; Professor David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission; and Dr Chai Patel, Chairman of HC-One. The witnesses will be asked how the fragmentation of funding between health and social care can be overcome to provide better, more joined-up services for older people, as well as what role the private sector should play in encouraging innovation in health and social care. 

The evidence sessions will be webcast live at

The evidence session is also open to the public. Journalists wishing to attend should go to Parliament's Cromwell Green Entrance and should allow time for security screening.

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