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Filming in the House of Lords

Filming permission is granted by Black Rod's office at the House of Lords.

Email Black Rod's Office or call 020 7219 3099 explaining what you want to film and why and how and when the film will be used.

Filming request guidelines

  • If you want to broadcast live, we will need to know the reasons for the broadcast.
  • We are particularly careful about granting permission for film meetings that involve external audiences which are arranged by individual members.
  • We don't allow filming for advertising or commercial purposes or for cinema or television dramas.
  • You will need Black Rod's permission to take photographs, record sound, paint, sketch or to make a documentary about the House of Lords.
  • A Lords member or a designated official will need to be present when you are filming.
  • If you want to film in a member's office, you only need permission to do so from the room's occupants
  • There are parts of the building in which we don't usually allow filming unless there is a very good reason for doing so. These are: Lords chamber, division lobbies, visitor route when it's open to the public, Lords library, refreshment outlets, royal gallery and the robing room.


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