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The competition ran from 21 February until 13 May 2011. You can find out about the winning entries from: And the winners are ...

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Aged 11-16? Who do you think has the Peer Factor?

This year’s Lord Speaker’s competition, ‘The Peer Factor: Who Would You Put in the House of Lords and Why?’ gives students the chance to argue who they’d like to see in the House of Lords.

Entrants to The Peer Factor competition will suggest who they think should be Members of the House of Lords and argue the case for why they should be there. Who would make good laws? Who’s got the know-how to keep a check on the government’s actions and decisions? Who will do the work that gets the job done?

You can make a short film, produce a podcast, write an essay, create a collage or submit a newspaper or magazine article – it’s up to you.

Winners of the competition, which will be judged by the Hansard Society's Citizenship Education Progamme and a panel of Members of the Lords, will be invited to the House of Lords to discuss their entry with the Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman and the judging panel, and receive a cash prize.

Register for the competition now and check out the background material, lesson plans and worksheet produced to support your entry.

A special report compiling all entries will be submitted to the House of Lords – so every student can play a part even if they don’t win.

The competition closed 13 May 2011. Keep an eye on these pages for information about the shortlisted entries.

Related information

The House of Lords competition is run with the support of the Hansard Society. Entries will be judged initially by the Hansard Society’s Citizenship Education Programme.