Who's got the ‘Peer Factor?’

Who’s got the ‘Peer Factor?’ Former charities regulator chief, Andrew Hind; Director of Sports at a Kent School, Mrs Restivo; and Welsh Refugee Council caseworker, Keith Ross, that’s who!

The nominations included naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough; music executive and television producer, Simon Cowell; Jamie Oliver, chef and restaurateur; Dame Jacqueline Wilson, children’s author; Willow Smith, child actress and singer; and Sue Sylvester, a character from the TV series ‘Glee’.

However, 15 year-old Mary-Beth Patterson, the 12 and 13 year-old pupils in Class 8 Alpha at Bishop Challoner School, and 16 year-old Anna Mammedova presented the best arguments for their nominations, making it to the top of the pile out of nearly 300 entries to the 2011 Lord Speaker’s competition for young people, ‘The Peer Factor: Who Would You Put in the House of Lords and Why?’

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The House of Lords competition is run with the support of the Hansard Society. Entries will be judged initially by the Hansard Society’s Citizenship Education Programme.

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