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The Lord Speaker

The Lord Speaker chairs daily business in the House of Lords chamber and is an ambassador for the work of the House. Lord McFall of Alcluith is the fourth Lord Speaker, and was elected by Lords members in 2021.

The Lord Speaker's role

The Lord Speaker presides over work in the House of Lords chamber giving procedural advice and assistance.

About Lord McFall of Alcluith

Find out more about the Lord Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith.

Association of European Senates (AES-ASE)

Information about the 15th meeting of the Association of European Senates, held in June 2013.

The Lord Speaker's work

The Lord Speaker has a variety of duties, including presiding over the House on the Woolsack, meeting members and staff of both Houses, acting as an ambassador for the House with international guests, and chairing the House of Lords Commission.

Lords engagement programme

The House of Lords engagement programme aims to reach out to the public and engage with them about what the House of Lords does and how it works for them.

Contact the Lord Speaker

The Rt Hon the Lord McFall of Alcluith

House of Lords

Journalists should contact Lucy Dargahi, Senior Communications Officer
Phone: 07511 165 603
Twitter: @LucyDargahi

The Lord Speaker's travel, gift and official entertainment registers

Records are published quarterly of costs incurred by the Lord Speaker's Office for official travel and entertainment, and details of gifts received by the Lord Speaker.

The Lord Speaker's travel, gift and official entertainment registers