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Black History Month: the Noble David Pitt - from Grenada to Camden.

7 October 2021 (updated on 7 October 2021)

Lord Pitt of Hampstead 

For the first of our two October episodes, and in celebration of Black History Month, discover the story of Lord Pitt of Hampstead in partnership with the Parliamentary Archives.

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The second Black peer in the House of Lords, for many years Dr David Pitt was one of the most recognisable civil rights campaigners in Britain.

From Grenada to Camden via Scotland and the House of Lords, learn more about this leading figure who contributed significantly to the passing of race relations legislation.

This piece was originally written by Richard Ward and is narrated by Nimmy March.


Baron Pitt, c 1976-1978, Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/1/595/12
Race Relations Act 1976, Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/PU/1/1976/c74