Inclusion and Diversity in the House of Lords

House of Lords staff at work.

The House of Lords is an inclusive employer and is committed becoming an even more welcoming, inclusive and diverse organisation. We want staff to feel valued, included and that they can reach their potential no matter what their background. We welcome our staff, current and prospective, for who they are and the talents they bring to our team.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan

We have officially closed the first D&I Action Plan (2017-2019) and have created a 'Two years on (PDF PDF 343 KB)' document to reflect on the rapid change and developments we have seen over the last couple of years. Although we have many things to celebrate, there is some distance still to travel.

On Tuesday 5th March 2019 the I&D Team officially launched the new 'Focus on Inclusion' Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2021 (PDF PDF 519 KB).

Our Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan focuses on four areas relevant to everyone in the Administration:

  • People – Create a culture where everyone has the opportunity to excel
  • Place – Ensure our work and visitor spaces are as inclusive and accessible as possible
  • Performance – Enable all colleagues, leaders and suppliers to perform to their best
  • Profile – Share our story and build our reputation for excellence in inclusion and diversity

Workplace Equality Networks

The House of Lords and the House of Commons have established Workplace Equality Networks for groups to support staff, provide a safe space to discuss issues of representation at work and to support the initiatives outlined in each House’s Inclusion and Diversity Plans. All of our networks are inclusive and anyone with a Parliamentary pass can join.

  • ParliAble supports disabled people in Parliament
  • ParliGender aims to achieve gender equality across Parliament
  • ParliREACH acts to increase awareness of race, ethnicity and cultural heritage issues in Parliament
  • ParliOUT supports LGBTIQ people in Parliament
  • ParliOn raises awareness of issues around social mobility

Parliamentary Role Models

Parliamentary Role Models have visibly championed equality, diversity and inclusion in Parliament. They can be at any level of the House of Lords or House of Commons and from any team. We celebrate those who go out of their way to act as role models displaying inclusive behaviours and values.

National Inclusion Standard

The House of Lords is committed to being an inclusive employer. We have been accredited as having 'silver status' by Inclusive Employers, who ensure we are sharing ideas and best practice with other employers nationally and are a leader in this area.

Who are Inclusive Employers?

Established in May 2011, they are the UK's first and leading membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces. They offer consultancy, training and thought leadership to help the House of Lords make inclusion an everyday reality.

They work with a variety of organisations in the public, private and third sectors and provide bespoke initiatives to help build inclusive cultures.

Purple Space

The House of Lords works with Purple Space to ensure we are as accessible an organisation as possible. They work closely with ParliAble, our Workplace Equality Network, which focuses on supporting Parliament in being as inclusive as possible for both disabled members of staff and visitors to Parliament who may have a disability.

Who are Purple Space?

Purple Space is a networking and professional development hub for disabled employees. They provide the House of Lords with resources and host events for workplace disability networks from all sectors.

Further information

Contact the Equality Networks

Email addresses for the five Workplace Equality Networks (WENs)

Parliamentary Role Models

A campaign which celebrates people who have contributed to making Parliament a positive, inclusive working environment and institution

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