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House of Lords Commission and domestic committees

Domestic select committees focus on the management and delivery of parliamentary and corporate services in the House of Lords.


House of Lords Commission

The House of Lords Commission provides high-level strategic and political direction for the House of Lords Administration on behalf of the House. It agrees the annual Estimate, supervises the arrangements relating to financial support for members and works with the Management Board to develop, sets and approve the strategic business plan, the annual business and financial plans for the Administration and monitors the performance of the Administration against agreed targets.

Domestic committees

The Commission is supported by the Services Committee, the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee.

Services Committee

The Services Committee agrees day-to-day policy on services for members of the House of Lords, provides advice on strategic policy decisions when sought by the Commission and oversees the delivery and implementation of both.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee considers expenditure on services from the Estimate for the House of Lords, and with the assistance of the Management Board, prepares the forecast outturn, Estimate and financial plan for submission to the Commission. The Committee also monitors the financial performance of the House Administration and reports to the Commission on the financial implications of significant proposals.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee examines and monitors audit arrangements in the House of Lords and provides advice to the accounting officer on the exercise of his responsibilities.

Works of Art Advisory Panel

The Works of Art Advisory Panel will be appointed by the Lord Speaker to report and make recommendations to the Lord Speaker on the House of Lords Works of Art collection.

Procedural committees

There are three Lords committees chaired by the Senior Deputy Speaker that deal with the internal procedures and work of the House:

A fourth committee, the Conduct Committee, oversees the Code of Conduct for members, hears appeals against the findings of the Commissioner for Standards, and imposes or recommends sanctions against members who breach the Code. It is chaired by a backbench member, who sits with four other members of the House and four lay external members.

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Former domestic committees

A new domestic committee structure came into place in September 2016, catch up on the work of the former domestic committees:

Lords Enquiry Service and FAQs

House of Lords FAQs

The Lords Enquiry Service provides information on the role, work and membership of the House of Lords.

  • Telephone: 0800 223 0855 (Freephone) or 020 7219 3107
  • Email:
  • Text Relay: 18001 7219 3107

The telephone enquiry service is open from 10am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 10am - 4pm on Fridays. During recess, the hours are 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm Monday to Friday.

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