Lords Chamber Event 2014: Decision-making in a digital society

On Friday 28 November 2014, over 190 people came together in the House of Lords chamber for an inter-generational debate on decision-making in a digital society.

Participants were drawn from partnerships with a number of organisations including UK Youth, the University of the Third Age and the Tinder Foundation, as well as students from the Universities of Exeter, Ulster and Warwick, the London College of Communication, and various schools from England and Northern Ireland.

In the run-up to the event, there were eight regional Talking Days where young people from UK Youth and members of the U3A met each other in an exciting afternoon filled with activities.

Widespread social media use and developments in digital communications mean there has never been an easier time to understand public opinion. Digital communities talk, think and problem-solve together – can Westminster afford to ignore this potential? How should Parliament meet the demands of a digital society?

The question we asked was:

  • Parliament 2.0: in a digital society, is politics for politicians or is everyone a decision maker?

The House of Lords opens up the chamber every year, inviting people from across the UK to take part in a debating event. This year’s debate was the latest event in a broad outreach programme that aims to raise awareness of the role and work of the Lords.

Subjects up for debate in recent years have included defence and remembrance, social care, climate change and the future of the Lords itself.

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Image: House of Lords