Lords 2013 Chamber Event: Defence and Remembrance

On Friday 29 November 2013, cadets and veterans from across the UK came together to debate the legacy of World War 1 - 'The Great War: Listening to the Past; Talking to the Future'. The event was part of a broader outreach programme that aims to raise awareness of the role and work of the Lords. 

The question we asked was:

  • One hundred years after World War One, what is its legacy for the UK and how does it shape the nation today?

After a lively debate, participants voted on the question. The results were:

  1. The UK is a more globally responsible nation (43)
  2. Society is more aware of the impact of war (61)
  3. The UK has not learned from its experience (73).

The House of Lords opens up the chamber every year, inviting people from across the UK to take part in a debating event. Subjects up for debate in recent years have included social care, climate change and the future of the Lords itself. 

More information on the debate

This was the seventh annual event in the chamber. The Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, introduced and chaired the debate and the Clerk of the Parliaments, David Beamish, timed the proceedings.

Key teams selected and trained by the English-Speaking Union opened and closed the debate, while key floor speakers were called upon by the Lord Speaker. All other participants also had the opportunity to speak.

The debate was broadcast as-live on the House of Lords website and BBC Parliament and will be available on the Lords YouTube channel.

Further information

Image: House of Lords 2013/Photography by Annabel Moeller