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The work of the House of Commons

The House of Commons is the publicly elected chamber of Parliament. Members of the Commons debate the big political issues of the day and proposals for new laws.


Parliament's role

Parliament is an essential part of UK politics. Its main roles are examining and challenging the work of the government, debating and passing all laws and enabling the Government to raise taxes

Making laws

Lawmaking is one of Parliament’s essential roles. Find out how new laws are made and learn how a Bill passes through Parliament and becomes an Act


Much of the work of the House of Commons takes place in committees, made up of around 10 to 50 MPs. These committees examine issues in detail, from government policy and proposed new laws, to wider topics like the economy

Briefing notes

Authoritative notes covering a range of issues relevant to the work and procedures of the House of Commons

Principal officers and staff

Learn more about the main people in Parliament: including the Speaker, the Lord Speaker, and Government and Opposition roles

House of Commons Enquiry Service

Contact us to find out more about the work, history and membership of the Commons.