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The Speaker of the House of Commons travel, gifts, and official entertainment registers

The Speaker of the House of Common’s policy is to publish transparency data covering many aspects of his role.


The Speaker is an ambassador for the House of Commons and has a responsibility to explain and promote the work of the House, and to represent it at high-profile state events.

To meet these responsibilities, any necessary transport arrangements are made and paid for by the Speaker's Office.

Details of non-regular travel expenditure on this budget are published quarterly.


The gifts register records all gifts received by the Speaker in his role. As a representative of the House of Commons, the Speaker meets a number of international visitors, including Speakers and other Members of overseas Parliaments, Prime Ministers, and Heads of State.

During these meetings, gifts are sometimes exchanged. Most gifts are donated to the House. For any gifts which the Speaker wishes to keep and which have an estimated value greater than £140, a formal valuation is obtained, and Speaker must pay the difference greater than £140.

The gifts register is published quarterly

Official entertainment

The Speaker's Office holds a budget for official entertainment purposes. Details of expenditure on this budget are published quarterly.