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Speaker's Lecture Series 2013

A third series of Speaker's Lectures entitled Parliamentarians on Parliaments will be given by Members of Parliament and Members of the House of Lords who have a particular expertise in the affairs of another country and their Parliaments in particular.


How to watch

The lectures ran throughout the year and were recorded in Speaker's House at the Palace of Westminster. The lectures were aired on BBC Parliament and are available to view online at Democracy Live.

The series includes:

  • January – Lord Alderdice on Northern Ireland
  • February – Keith Vaz MP on India
  • March – Lord Steel on Scotland
  • April – Lord Davies on France
  • May – Lord Boateng on South Africa, Ghana & Somaliland
  • June – Lord Elis-Thomas on Wales
  • July – Gisela Stuart MP on Germany
  • October – Baroness Liddell on Australia
  • December – Baroness Nicholson on the EU