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Speaker's lecture series 2011

This series of lectures marks the centenary of the 1911 Parliament Act. Each one was recorded at the Speaker's House at the Palace of Westminster.

In these lectures today’s parliamentarians talk about the careers of some of the great parliamentarians of the past 100 years.

How to watch

Series includes:

  • Lord Morgan on David Lloyd George
  • Sir Peter Tapsell MP on F.E. Smith
  • Baroness Williams on Nancy Astor
  • Nicholas Soames MP on Sir Winston Churchill
  • Gordon Marsden MP on Aneurin Bevan
  • Lord Norton on Enoch Powell
  • Lord Kinnock on Michael Foot
  • Lord Hurd on Ian McLeod
  • Lord Adonis on Roy Jenkins
  • John Whittingdale MP on Margaret Thatcher
  • Tristram Hunt MP on Tony Benn.