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Roots to Parliament: Volunteering

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Welcome from Mr Speaker

"To mark this year's Volunteers Week, I wanted to share some stories from our wonderfully diverse parliamentary community. It's a chance to get a glimpse into what our colleagues do outside work to make a difference to others.

"Our personal experiences often are the catalyst for us to want to volunteer, but it is always about giving back to others, our local communities or beyond. Volunteering can be a deeply personal experience. In many cases it can change lives for the volunteer too as they learn new skills and meet new people and can see the reward of their efforts.

"The below stories show just how much is contributed to society by colleagues across the House in their spare time. Thank you to those of you who give up your free time to make that difference to others for the greater good.

"If you feel inspired and decide you want to volunteer, why not see what opportunities there are within your local area. Not only will you be giving back, but you'll be also creating memories and making new friendships too."

Rt Hon. Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP
Speaker of the House of Commons

Meet our colleagues and read their stories

We asked staff and MPs across the House of Commons: What does volunteering mean to you?