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Sarah - Sit and get fit

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"My local independent gym has provided me with friendship and fun through various exercise classes for nearly 22 years now. When the pandemic hit in 2020, sadly I got covid and have struggled with long covid ever since. I missed my classes and being part of my local community at the gym, so am delighted to be back now doing sitting rehab classes there. Improving my coordination and stamina and allowing me to move - all whilst sitting with other people making the most of what they can do whatever their physical issues or disabilities. It is part of my route back to health and I am now doing some pool-based exercise too. Exercise is not the panacea for everyone with long covid, and caution is needed, but for those recovering well I recommend some activity that you enjoy and connects you to others in a similar position. It doesn't have to be a marathon or weight lifting, just anything that you can manage and enjoy."