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Philippe - Football

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"In Democratic Republic of Congo where I was born, football remains the dominant sport. From the age of 6, we would play football as our main leisure for children. Our football games did not have a referee, which means we could spend half a day playing. We administered our own rules as players and I was the best centre back of my team. But teams could vary from day to day due to availability of players. I wanted to develop into a professional footballer, but there were no opportunities to do so. But I have not lost the love for sport; for instance I support Arsenal, not a die hard, and my first son is gearing to become a professional footballer. He is football fanatic and performs as centre back and his favourite team is Manchester City. As for me, I do 20 push ups as soon as I get off my bed to start the day, and even at 55 years old, I love being fit. Besides, I run occasionally at Victoria Park as it is 5 minutes walk from my house."