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Temoor - Islam

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My religion is Islam and my faith is Muslim.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, with about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide.

For me, Islam is a way of life for Muslims. It's not something that just tells how to pray and do rituals, rather it governs us in every aspect in our life. How we interact with other people, what actions are morally wrong, how to achieve spirituality. The point is that Islam is a huge part of a Muslim, it's the lens that we use to approach life.

Some of us, using the sense of reason come to realize, and then believe that there must be One who has created us, and He is the Creator of this multiverse; He is the eternal, everything is under His watch and control - nothing is automatic, spontaneous or unplanned; nothing happens just by mere chance of accident (in this instance I call my creator as ‘Allah’).

As a Muslim I am to think less for myself and more for others; I have chosen a life of hardship and sacrifice for the cause of God.

My religion of Islam teaches us to have a humble kind character whereby our connection of behaviour and communication with all humans of all ages, race, sexual orientation and disability is fair and just without prejudice, hence applying this to my work life in the House of Commons amongst my colleagues, which gives me greater reward within myself spiritually knowing I treat others well.