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Sir Roger Gale MP - Christianity

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Sir Roger Gale MP

MP for North Thanet

In a job that is not at times without its stresses I find that my faith offers a bedrock of support and solace when the going gets rough.  I enjoy the companionship of not only other Christians but those of many faiths. My local clerics are hugely supportive and I am fortunate to be able to enjoy a close relationship, also of my local Mosque to which I am a frequent and welcome visitor. My wife and I also enjoy informal and private visits to places of worship and on the many foreign visits that I have undertaken as part of my parliamentary duties I have been able to seek out and experience both the very grand and the very humble. I cannot claim to have ever had a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment but I have found that prayers tend to get answered or at least help me to answer the challenges that I face myself. I have never been coy about my faith but as I have grown older I have found myself becoming more comfortable in publicly declaring my own allegiance and equally comfortable in making it plain that I respect and honour the faiths of others.