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Sayed - Islam

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Parliamentary Digital Service

“The most beloved people to God are those with the best character” – Prophet Muhammad

My faith plays a major role in my outlook on life and the universe; it shapes how I live, work, and interact with friends, family, and colleagues.

We are taught in the Qur’an and through the example of Prophet Muhammad to be people of virtue and embody characteristics such as thankfulness, patience, honesty, resilience and care – all of which help me carry out my role as a Change Manager. These qualities help me to navigate challenging situations and remind me of a higher purpose, that to be in the service of God you must also be in the service of His creation, including humans, animals, and the environment.   

My first experience of the Houses of Parliament was through The Faith and Belief Forum. I participated in the ParliaMentors programme where I worked with people of other faiths to deliver a social impact project, whilst being mentored by an MP. It was this experience which inspired me to work in the public sector and gave me confidence that I can practice my faith in any environment. 

Islam places a large emphasis on community, bringing people together from all walks of life and respecting each other as human beings, God says in the Qur’an “O mankind, I created nations and tribes so that you might come to know one another”.  Since joining the Parliamentary community everyone has been so friendly and encouraging, and it’s lovely to see that inclusion and diversity is at the heart of this organisation, promoting understanding of people’s needs, cultures, and ways of life.

Working in Parliament has shown me that the values I try to embody as a Muslim are the same as those promoted by the Parliamentary Digital Service – Confidence, Care, Curiosity and Community.