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Philip - Christianity

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House of Commons Library

My faith is hugely important to me in every part of my life, and that includes my work here in Parliament. The Bible tells us at length about God’s heart for justice, for helping those who are oppressed and who can’t speak for themselves. We work here at the heart of a democracy, where people at every level of society are represented. When it’s working well, this is where their voice can be heard by those in power. To me, this is part of helping to bring something of God’s kingdom into this one.

It’s also clear from the Bible how much God values truth and honesty, and I love the fact that my job in the House of Commons Library is focused firmly on telling people the truth. We aim to give the complete picture when Members ask us a question and to help them come to a full understanding of the situation, so that they’re in a position to make the best decisions they can. I believe that this honours not only them and the institution that we work in, but also God.

I believe that people are God’s creation, made in His image, and they matter to Him. This means that what we do here for constituents also matters, and it’s worth doing it well.