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Mary Kelly Foy MP - Christianity

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Mary Kelly Foy MP

MP for City of Durham

I was brought up in the Catholic faith. I am national chair of Movement of Christian Workers (MCW).

The MCW is an international movement of workers organised through small, locally based, Review of Life groups, promoting the Gospel values in the world of work and throughout society. I first got involved in the youth movement, the Young Christian Workers, at the age of 17 through my local parish priest and the method of the movement See, Judge, Act formed the basis of everything I have been involved in since. It promotes dignity & worth in the world of work, social justice and solidarity with workers across the world, involvement in the Trade Union movement and civil society. I was involved in many campaigns as a young person and was regional president for a few years. My activism in the adult movement has led me to start a very successful Credit Union, inspired me to become a local councillor, work as a community development worker and very much lead me to fight for social justice and equality as a member of Parliament. I have attended many conferences across the world where we share our experiences of the world of work and other social issues, reflect on them in light of the gospel values and aim to take action which helps bring about a more just society. I have no doubt that my faith through the movement will inspire and nourish me throughout my life.