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Janet Daby MP - Christianity

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Janet Daby MP

MP for Lewisham East

When asked why I'm a Christian, I immediately think of what a clear decision it is for me. I am being offered eternal life through Jesus in a heavenly place, so to me that is irresistible. I struggle and juggle with so many of the injustices and pain in our society and world, but I believe and know that the best is yet to come. We live and we die on earth but heaven is eternal.

My faith is a source of joy no matter how my day is going. I can turn to God for comfort and support, in times of grief and times of celebration. The story of Jesus' life was one of sacrificial love, serving the most marginalised people who felt so far from being valued. Jesus showed each individual person that they had equal, enormous worth to God. This is what I believe is true for every person in the UK, regardless of their wealth or abilities. This shapes my work as the Labour MP for Lewisham East - I believe in every person's intrinsic right to live in comfort, with dignity and care. Prayer is a continuous part of my day where I can connect with God. When facing political dilemmas, I know I don't have to make those decisions alone.