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Gurjit - Sikhism

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As a British Sikh, my faiths values of Sat (truth), Daya (compassion), Santokh (contentment), Nimrata (humility), and Pyaar (love) play a pivotal role in how I go about my daily life and work routine at the Houses of Parliament. It means I am truthful in my work duties, that I show compassion to my fellow work colleagues, am content with roles, show humility and love towards my family and friends. 

Having a passion for learning about Sikhism and putting into practice its teachings has meant I have translated 15th century Sikh hymns into modern day English and have written a book about the founder of Sikhism ‘Guru Nanak Sahib’.  I have also raised thousands of pounds for an orphanage in India which looks after abandoned baby girls. I do this by placing charity boxes at various small businesses and then collecting the money over a 3-6 month basis and then giving the money directly to the orphanage.

Working for the House as a Sikh means I am able to have interesting conversations with MPs, Lords and colleagues about faith and society - the array of interesting, diverse and experienced people I meet in this role means there is never a dull moment.  My experiences will remain with me for life and act as an incentive to encourage others to be involved in politics and to work at the mother of all Parliaments here at the House of Commons in London.