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Feryal Clark MP - Alevism

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Feryal Clark MP

MP for Enfield North

Alevism encourages humanist values and ideals. Through my faith, I adopted social characteristics promoting respect and equality for all. Further, as Alevis, we celebrate our beliefs through festivities representing our values. For example, as an anecdote from my childhood, I remember celebrations of Hidirellez and Hizir which take place throughout Spring. Hidirellez festivities include dancing, singing and folk traditions. Symbolically, through the welcoming of Spring, Hidirellez represents light overcoming darkness, enlightenment, and hope for the year ahead.

Through core values deriving from my faith, I actively call for fundamental human rights to be respected throughout the world. Alevis belong to a minority faith in Turkey and surrounding regions and so Alevis understand the importance of freedom of religion or belief. I believe we in the UK must do everything in our power to ensure that people of faith or no faith all over the world have the freedom to pursue their beliefs without fear of harassment or victimisation.

I did not use a sacred text when I took the oath of allegiance in the House of Commons because Alevism does not have a text or book. Alevi beliefs are taught through oral traditions using music and songs called deyis. The baglama or saz instruments are considered to be holy in Alevism as Alevi musicians use these instruments to recite deyis songs.