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Derek Thomas MP - Christianity

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Derek Thomas MP

MP for St Ives

I was immersed in Christian faith from the outset with parents that worked as missionaries with leprosy patients in Nigeria and grew up in a home where understanding that care and compassion for others was a central theme and principal of worship and faith. Whilst my journey into politics was not necessarily straightforward or predictable it seemed a natural thing to me to seek an opportunity to apply the Christian values and disciplines I now value as my own.

As an MP we have a great privilege and opportunity to drive change for good and support people to live full lives. This is the underlying motivation that helps me navigate the obstacles and challenges that are thrown before us almost daily and it is reassuring to trust that with faith comes a strength and conviction that is not easily derailed.

The remarkable thing about faith is that with it comes an indescribable sense of ‘kindred spirit’ and unity with people you have never met previously, they may be on a Zoom call on the other side of the world or a fellow MP on the first day of a new Parliament. This has been my experience and most recently, I connected with a senior representative of the South African President at the G7 Summit where we attempted an African dance together ‘Jerusalema’ which is well worth a look on the internet. She and I were able to share stories together of Christian faith despite living in very different worlds and to the amusement of all those present.

Here in Parliament I do what I can to work with everybody to try and further a cause or shared objective. I have little appetite for competition with others preferring to try and find common values. I believe this is a natural out-working of faith and may or may not be the route to restore trust in politics - something I care deeply about.