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Andrew - Christianity

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As a Christian I very much subscribe to the phrase 'practicing' as I've never quite got it right over all these years.

If anything, I've learned that I simply can't ever do it on my own. this is how I take my faith on a daily basis, at home or at work, anywhere really. I have to trust in God and ask Him for support, strength and guidance at all times and in all things. It is a faith to be shared and worked out practically as much as possible without, I hasten to add, ramming it down anybody's throat.

In the rush of life it’s all too easy to forget to stop and just be with God, He invented mindfulness way before it became the in thing.

I once had a very problematic laptop belonging to the then Serjeant At Arms. It would just not work, no matter what I tried, and there was a deadline. Despairing I closed the lid and prayed "Lord, please can this laptop just work?" I opened the lid and away it went. Fully restored and raised, Lazarus-like from cyber death, just as the Serjeant walked in. I handed it over, smiled and got out of there quickly, all the time thanking the Almighty for hearing my desperate prayers.

As to daily influence at work? I hope I just manage to represent God as best I can, failing and successes alike.

Do the best I can in my job as if doing it for Him - St Paul:1 Corinthians:10, Verse:31 says this. Good advice.