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Alexander - Christianity

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Visitor Services

I was raised as a Christian in the Scottish Presbyterian Church but during my late teens, I found myself questioning my faith, so I explored other forms of belief systems, including Buddhism and other forms of spirituality. Throughout, I have always felt the presence of God in my life and I try to live according to the teachings of the Commandments.

Shortly before my 50th birthday in September 2008, I was hospitalised in a hospice due to a hepatic liver and informed I’d be dead within two weeks. I’d been on the transplant list for almost three years.

I visited the faith room and I prayed for survival, promising to return to regular attendance within the Church of Scotland in England. Within a day or two a compatible liver was found and I underwent an eight hour operation with a 20 percent chance of gaining a further two to three years. My heart stopped during the operation and I was resuscitated.

When I awoke I felt full of peace, serenity and gratefulness as if touched by the hand of God. Since that day almost 13 years ago I have felt blessed every morning I wake up and I appreciate how wonderful being alive is. I have found an inner calm and don’t let things get me down so much. I gained skills in Reiki and meditation techniques and I kept my promise and now attend the Church of Scotland in Covent Garden.

It was during an exhibition of the Scottish Diaspora in Westminster Hall on which I was a volunteer on my first day in 2017 that the attack on PC Palmer and Parliament occurred. Due to my endeavour to calm people by offering a talk on the exhibition, I was approached by Parliamentary staff who suggested I apply for a position as a Visitor Assistant.

I have worked as a Visitor Assistant for almost four years. I don’t really talk about my faith as for me it is very personal but am happy to participate in discussion should I be asked.