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Alasdair - Christianity

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Education and Engagement and Outreach

I was originally raised as a Roman Catholic and went to a Catholic school. Over the years, my faith lapsed but my relationship with my late partner, who was an Anglican, led me to become a parishioner at St Martin-in-the-Fields. The amazing team there supported me through my bereavement and helped me to find meaning in my life, as well as showing me dimensions of true Christian love and compassion that felt very new to me.

I hope that I bring to my managerial role some of the values of compassion and understanding that my faith gives to me; above all, it has made the wellbeing and welfare of those I manage absolutely central to my responsibilities. One of the key values at St Martin-in-the-Fields is talking to and learning from those at the edge of society and this inspires me in the work Outreach does to engage those who often feel alienated from Parliament and politics. Inspired by the voices I have heard at my church, I have also become a mentor working with men both immediately before and after their release from Wandsworth prison. This work informs my practice as an outreach manager, and strengthens my faith not just in God, but in humanity too.