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Abi - Judaism

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Chamber and Participation Team

Being Jewish is a hugely important part of my identity, and I have been grateful for opportunities to meet fellow Jewish staff across the House and discuss my Judaism openly when marking Jewish festivals - often, to my colleagues' delight, with edible treats!

For me, Jewish scholarly practice encourages critical thinking and closely aligns with Parliament’s role in scrutinising the work of Government. Committee sessions in which each line of a Bill is closely analysed and debated reflects the studying undertaken in Yeshivas, and reminds me of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem where I was fortunate to study a few summers ago.

So much of being a British Jew is about being part of a community, and I see the common-purpose, appetite for ceremony, quirks and sense of humour of my Jewish community mirrored across the Parliamentary village, where a sense of belonging and shared objectives can be seen in all corners of the Estate.

Being part of a Jewish community does not come without its challenges, many of which have certainly felt heightened in the past few years. That said, I have seen and felt nothing but support and genuine curiosity from my Parliamentary colleagues and am grateful to work in an environment that celebrates the rich diversity of its staff.