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Summary of Burson-Marsteller roundtable discussion

The Speaker's Commission and Burson-Marsteller held a roundtable discussion on 23 July at their offices in Holborn.


Mike Love, Chairman
George Godsal, Chairman of the UK and EMEA corporate and crisis practice
Sally Dobson, Director of Communications
Daniel Rolle, Digital
Joseph Musgrave, Chief of Staff to Kevin Bell, Global Practice Chair for Public Affairs
Matt Churchill, Digital
Toni Cowan Brown, Senior Associate, EMEA Deputy Digital Practice Leader
Ben Maynard, Managing Director and Chair, UK Technology Practice
John Young, Public Affairs
Toby Landsley
Elaine Cameron, Strategic Research & Trend Analysis

Attendees from DDC:

Justice McGuiness
Edward Wood
Emma McIntosh
Victoria Carpenter

Topics discussed:

Encouraging citizens to engage with democracy

  •  Should citizens have more input into the political decision-making process? If so, what is the most effective way of doing this online?
  •  Would crowd-sourcing solutions to problems be a useful addition to the consultative process?
  • Could video and webcasting be used more to encourage greater engagement? If so, how best could this be done?
  • How should MPs and Parliament ensure digital inclusiveness?
  • What are the downsides of technology for MPs and how can they be overcome? These might include the additional overheads of using digital and traditional working methods side by side, online abuse, etc.

Facilitating dialogue amongst citizens

  • Should Parliament (or Government) have a role in facilitating dialogue amongst citizens?
  • Is it important for citizens to have an online platform or other medium for discussing political issues and the work of Government and Parliament? If so, who should be responsible for providing it - Government, Parliament or the private sector?
  • Will future tools make it easier to facilitate dialogue, and if so how?

 Image: Parliamentary Copyright