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Oral evidence heard during Commission meetings

During each of our Commission meetings, we have heard evidence from a number of experts.


You can read what they have had to say on our topics in the links to the transcipts of the meetings below.

(pdf 161KB)Making Laws in a Digital Age: oral evidence (pdf 161KB), 18 March 2014 (pdf 161KB)


  • Cristiano Ferri Soares de Faria, Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, via Skype
  • John Sheridan, National Archive
  • Hayley Rogers, Parliamentary Counsel
  • David Natzler & Matthew Hamlyn, Department of Chamber and Committee Services, House of Commons

(pdf 259KB)Digital Scrutiny: oral evidence (pdf 259KB), 10 April 2014 (pdf 259KB)


(pdf 308KB)Representation Commission meeting: oral evidence (pdf 308KB), 17 June 2014 (pdf 308KB)


(pdf 217KB) (pdf 416KB) (pdf 416KB)

(pdf 416KB)

(pdf 416KB)Engagement and Facilitating Dialogue Commission meeting: oral evidence (pdf 416KB), 15 July 2014 (pdf 416KB)


(pdf 217KB)Electronic Voting Commission meeting: oral evidenc (pdf 217KB)e (pdf 217KB), 3 September 2014 (pdf 217KB)


Image: Parliamentary Copyright