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Emma Mulqueeny

Emma is the founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State: Coding a better country.

She has been included in the 166th annual edition of Who’s Who, voted onto the Wired 100 list, Tech City 100, BIMA Hot 100 and has been voted one of the top ten women in technology by The Guardian. Emma writes regularly for the British Press and on her own blog, speaks on radio and on television, is well known for her campaign: ‘Year 8 is too Late’ (encouraging girls into technology subjects) and relentlessly pushing the potential of open data.

Rewired State is the largest independent developer network in the UK with over 1000 software developers and designers, bringing about digital innovation and revolution through rapid prototyping events (hack weekends). Rewired State continues to build value for clients through its unique modding process, taking hacks from prototype to product.

Young Rewired State is its philanthropic arm with the challenge to find and foster every child driven to teach themselves how to code, introduce them to open data – creating a worldwide, independent network of mentored young programmers. Both networks work together to prototype solutions to real world problems.