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Mr Speaker visits Estonia

The Speaker, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, visited Estonia to understand more about the country's e-democracy for his Commission on Digital Democracy.


Mr Speaker visited Estonia to learn more about it's e-voting and e-governance systems. Estonia is often viewed as one of the most digital and modern governance system in the world.

In his speech to the Estonian Parliament Mr Speaker said:

"Estonia as a Parliament, as a society and as a national culture has proven to be an early pioneer in the quest to enhance democratic institutions through technological innovation.

I believe that new technology can assist us in our ambition to become ever closer to those whom we serve.

We have to be part of the smartphone age and not seemingly stuck in the stone-age.

This Commission is listening and talking to people, gathering evidence, from within the UK and across the globe."


So far the Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy has focused on making laws and digital scrutiny. It's next three themes will be on representation, engagement and facilitating dialogue amongst citizens. It aims to report in January 2015. The Speaker welcomes contributions from everyone.

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