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Have your say: Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy terms of reference

The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, in a speech to the Hansard Society on 27 November, announced the setting up of a new Commission on Digital Democracy.

The following draft terms of reference have been proposed for the new Commission:

The objective of the Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy is to consider, report and make recommendations on how parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom can embrace the opportunities afforded by the digital world to become more effective in:

  • representing the people
  • making laws
  • scrutinising the work and performance of government
  • encouraging citizens to engage with democracy
  • facilitating dialogue amongst citizens 

In addition, the Commission aims to consider the implications for Parliament if it is to become more relevant to the increasingly diverse population it seeks to serve.
The Commission welcomes comments, ideas and written information on any aspect of digital democracy and what it might mean for different citizens in the UK. John Bercow's aim is to listen to the widest possible selection of ideas and voices.

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Are there any specific items that you feel should be included in the terms of reference for this special commission?