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Digital Democracy debate to experiment with mobile devices

On the 10 March, the Digital Democracy Debate has been granted permission to experiment with using mobile devices to participate in the debate.

At present, members of the public are not permitted to use mobile phones and devices during debates in the House of Commons or its second chamber, Westminster Hall.

The Digital Democracy Commission recommended that these restrictions should be removed and in recognition of this, members of the public attending the debate on the DDC's report on Tuesday 10th March will be able to use devices as a one-off experiment.

Use of devices

Devices must be used in silent mode and photography is not permitted. Please help to ensure that this experiment works, so we can demonstrate that people can be connected during debates without disrupting the proceedings.

How to participate in the debate

The DDC team will be using the hashtag #digitaldemocracy during the debate.

More information about the debate

The Digital Democracy Report

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