PUBLIC EVIDENCE HEARING: The Work of Yorkshire Forward

Immediate: Wednesday 18 November

4.15pm - 6.15pm, Tuesday 24 November : Committee Room 6, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA

MPs on the Yorkshire and the Humber Select Committee will quiz Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward, and Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP, Minister for Yorkshire and Humber, at the House of Commons on Tuesday 24 November. The hearing is part of the Committee's first inquiry into the Work of Yorkshire Forward and is open to the public.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Forward

Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP, Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber (at 5.15 p.m.)

The terms of reference for the inquiry:

€ the role and responsibilities of Yorkshire Forward;

€ the mechanisms by which Yorkshire Forward is held accountable;

€ the process by which the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) was drawn up and the level of involvement of regional stakeholders in that process;

€ the effectiveness of the RES for Yorkshire and the Humber in delivering against its targets;

€ the effect of the current financial and economic situation on businesses, including the effect on different sectors and on skills and employment in the region;

€ the role of other Government agencies such as the Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber, and of partnerships between Government agencies, local government and the private sector, in delivering the aims of the RES;

€ the move towards a regional integrated strategy and the likely effect on the work of Yorkshire Forward;

€ the extent to which Yorkshire Forward has the capacity and expertise to address all the elements which will be contained in the new integrated strategy, including in relation to transport, planning and housing; and

€ the role of Yorkshire Forward in promoting a low-carbon economy in the region and in addressing regional issues concerning climate change and flooding.